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VISPA Trailer
Our trailer shows you in 90 seconds what VISPA is all about. Learn all about features, our philosophy and how you can use VISPA. It’s more than just a software for virtual collaboration, it’s what we call the “new” new work.
VISPA Spaces
Build your own virtual spaces within minutes. Be it for a virtual workshop, a continuous virtual project space or a spontaneous brainstorming session. Creating a virtual space is fast, simple and fun. And the best part is that every space is unique and never get boring.
VISPA Event: Theses for after Corona (hosted by Mathias Haas)
We hosted Mathias Haas and his event “Theses for after Corona” in VISPA. Over 25 participants discussed 9 theses in one virtual space together. They talked about the new normal and how it will affect our society, professional as well as private lives.
VISPA Review: Fraunhofer Institut (IAO)
Two experts from Fraunhofer IAO talk about how they use VISPA for virtual collaboration and interactive workshops. They highlight what’s special about VISPA, its benefits and how VISPA can be used for workshop series to connect a network of different companies.
VISPA Session: Customer Experience Community
The expert community for customer experience used VISPA for a virtual workshop to discuss the benefits of measuring customer experience in an interactive session. In addition to networking and talking about individual challenges they identified the immense potential of 3D virtual collaboration.
VISPA Webnotes: An easy hack to receive input from remote participants
Learn how you can use VISPA webnotes feature to collaborate even if not everyone is virtually present with their own avatar in VISPA. Improve every hybrid workshop by bringing both virtual participants as well as physical participants together in one virtual space.


VISPA Tutorial: Basics
In this tutorial, you'll learn the absolute basics so you're prepared for your first VISPA session. Perfect to get started! Simple navigation, camera perspectives and writing notes
VISPA Tutorial: Navigation & Movement
Learn all possibilities of movement and orientation in space. From the simple operation with the mouse to the professional version for gamers. VISPA is like riding a bike, once learned you never forget how to do it.
VISPA Tutorial: Windows Installation
In only a few steps VISPA is installed on your PC or Mac. Administrator rights are not required. Anyone can download and use VISPA.
VISPA Tutorial: Working on boards
To collaborate successfully, virtual whiteboards are a must. Here you will learn how to work on boards and which features you can use in your virtual collaboration.
VISPA Tutorial: Creating a space - Part 1
Have you always wanted to create your own virtual space? VISPA makes it super easy and extremely fast. In part 1 you will learn the most important steps to create your space.
VISPA Tutorial: Creating a space - Part 2
In part 2 of this tutorial you will learn how to use the floor to bring orientation into your space and how to integrate prepared content into the space to work efficiently with your participants & your team.
VISPA Tutorial: Moderation Features
You are a moderator and after the basic functions you want to find out which features support you in your virtual moderation? Watch this tutorial and get to know the most important moderation features.
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