Experience energy

The Max Bögl Wind AG makes green energy retrievable with the water battery. Virtual spaces of their pilot project locations supports the sales team to explain this complex issue.


Max Bögl Virtual Reality Experience

The HTC Vive virtual reality experience and the 3D Marketing app on the multi-touchable were presented for the first time at the trade fair Husum 2017. The functionality and marketing possibilities of the waterbattery were demonstrated for the visitors, who were able to experience the pilot projekt in its finished state.


The Max Bögl Wind AG makes green energy retrievable with the water battery. The flexibility is enabled by means of a clever interplay of injection and withdrawal or pumping and power generation. This complex interplay was to be communicated in an easily comprehensible manner. The virtual reality experience was tasked with conveying which components, such as tower, pumped-storage plant etc., the real system comprises even before the plant was completed.


In order to communicate all advantages of the water battery through an interactive experience, as an agency we had to fully understand the system first. We combined the advantages of a reduced image with the visual appeal of actual objects on two maps: Gaildorf and the island Réunion. We combined photogrammetry with generated 3D content, such as the wind tower and pumped-storage plant for the virtual reality experience.

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