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A software for remote collaboration in 3d virtual spaces

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All you need for real virtual collaboration

• Build your own virtual spaces within minutes • Create engaging virtual workshops • Invite colleagues & customers to work in your space • Brainstorm, Ideate, prioritize, collaborate & have fun • Work with notes, timers, templates and everything you need • Transform your workshops to the next level with VISPA • Reuse your spaces and scale up your expertise • For PC, Mac and VR

Bring it to the space!

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    Be more productive – with our meeting journey.

    Think about it… You give your team a virtual space to use in physical- or online meetings. You will never again lose outcomes and we will help you to organize them way easier. Instead you will expand your work to virtual space and create what we call „the meeting journey“. Always accessible by everyone. Everyone is up-to-date. Everyone can contribute. Everyone can see what others are working on. And what we mean is - they can really see it! This is new „new work“ for us.
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    our Vision:

    Build your team a new home.

    And they will start to build a community with private-, collaborative- and open-spaces. They can ideate together, decide together, have impact together. They will find better and more productive solutions and the best thing is… …we will help them with that by offering innovative new productivity hacks.
    • VISPA Tutorial: Basics & Grundfunktionen (german)
    • VISPA Tutorial: Navigation & Bewegung (german)
    • VISPA Tutorial: Auf Boards arbeiten (german)
    • VISPA Tutorial: Windows Installation (german)
    • VISPA Tutorial: Creating a space Teil 1 (german)
    • VISPA Tutorial: Creating a Space Teil 2 (german)
    • VISPA Tutorial: Moderation Features (german)


    Find the right plan for you

    We offer licenses for different needs. Wether you are an individual user, a small company or a larger organisation with numerous users. Just choose your package buy it directly in our shop or request a custom offer for your large team. To support the future of virtual collaboration we offer special rates for schools & universities.

    single user Trial license

    30 day trial
    Try all features of VISPA for free
    Unlimited spaces & boards
    Invite colleagues to your space
    Available for single users
    Cloud hosting only
    VISPA for VR/Win/MAC
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    vispa for teams

    Monthly subscription
    Monthly or one-time payment
    Full features for all users
    Unlimited spaces & boards
    Invite colleagues to your space
    Available for single users and teams
    Cloud hosting only
    VISPA for VR/Win/MAC
    Available in 1-12months packages
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    for larger teams

    Custom offer
    Individual packages (users & duration)
    Payment via custom offer and invoice
    Full features for all users
    Unlimited spaces & boards
    Invite colleagues to your space
    Available for 20 users +
    Cloud hosting
    VISPA for VR/Win/MAC
    App Streaming optional
    VISPA assistance & guidance
    Reduced rate for universities & schools
    Request offer


    Custom solution for corporations with more than 200 users

    *Yearly subscription*

    All premium features plus: • Branded spaces (one-time integration fee) • App Streaming optional • Own User Administration & Invitation Perfect for global organisations who want to scale big Contact us for a demo and to discuss specific requirements

    Learn how high professionals experience VISPA

    Immersive workspaces will empower your business


      When you build a home, you need a strong community

      Interested? Become part of our early access community. Try out our latest version for free, share thoughts with other innovators and create your virtual space in VISPA. Enjoy other like-minded innovative people who want more from collaboration as it is today. Together with our community we work hard to fit VISPA to your specific needs. Until then, we have fun together, cry together, win together and fail together. What do we need from you? “Just” use VISPA in your daily work. For virtual brainstorming, ideation and creative work in 3d spaces.
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      what else do we offer?

      Do you have proven workshop concepts but are unsure how to transfer them into virtual space?

      Or don’t you feel secure to conduct a virtual workshop on your own? No, problem. We are virtual workshop experts with strong experience and can help you with:
      • participants onboarding, • technical assistance, • space design, • workshop method adaptation, • virtual ice-breakers & games, • new forms of workshop Feedback • and so much more.
      Want to find out more?
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      VISPA - virtual brainstorming, ideation and creative work in 3d spaces
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