VISPA - the future of remote meetings

Immersive, efficient & sustainable.

What we provide in the early version of the VISPA app:
It works on Windows, MacOS and VR headsets.
You can create your own space, invite other VISPA users to your space,
choose between different avatars, switch from bird-, to ego-, to board perspective,
place as much whiteboards as you like, write notes, change their colour and place them on the whiteboards,
draw on boards and on the floor, place 3D objects (e.g. personas), copy/paste whiteboards incl. all content,
import pngs or jpegs via our webnotes function
use votes & timers, and so much more...

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Immersive workspaces will empower your business

Learn how high professionals experience VISPA

Testimonial - Adriane

Adriane Schäfer

Coaching & Organization Development

"It was unbelievable, the VR headset was amazing. To first sit at the laptop and experience the virtual world, to see how my teammates move around, how we can create boards and to then dive into the space itself with the headset, that was an unbelievable experience."

Testimonial - Florian

Florian Tolkmitt

Co-Founder and Board Member at RAPS Deutschland e.V

"We are a team that is working remotly and we are always interested in new solutions that help us to better work together. At the moment we use conventional apps but we have the requirements to do brainstorming and finding new ideas and therefore I can imagine using this quite well."

Testimonial - Marco

Marco Di Giacomo

Innovation Specialist & Senior Design Thinker
CEO Abertausend GbR

"This product is better because you are able to interact with and speak about visual content. And you can point at content, which is often missing in other apps (...) But in this case when you simultaneously post stuff while talking and pointing to it, this is very helpful. And I think this combination will be interesting for companies, which will save money by reducing the need to travel and help me, as the service provider, to avoid journeys altogether, whether by train or plane."

Testimonial - Jonas

Jonas Schneider

Junior Projectmanager Capacity Planning

"The results are saved in the virtual spaces, it saves time for preparation and wrap up, you don't need to hang up the content again or sort it. Everything is just there. You just log in and see all the produced results. And this is a chance to dive further into digitalization and establishing it."

Be more productive –
with our meeting journey.

Think about it…

You give your team a virtual space to use in physical- or online meetings. You will never again lose outcomes and we will help you to organize them way easier. Instead you will expand your work to virtual space and create what we call „the meeting journey“. Always accessible by everyone. Everyone is up-to-date. Everyone can contribute. Everyone can see what others are working on. And what we mean is - they can really see it! This is new „new work“ for us.

New Work

Our Vision:

Build your team a new home.

And they will start to build a community with private-, collaborative- and open-spaces. They can ideate together, decide together, have impact together. They will find better and more productive solutions and the best thing is…

…we will help them with that by offering innovative new productivity hacks.

When you build a home, you need a strong community

Interested? Become part of our early access community. Try out our latest version for free, share thoughts with other innovators and create your virtual space in VISPA.
Enjoy other like-minded innovative people who want more from collaboration as it is today. Together with our community we work hard to fit VISPA to your specific needs. Until then, we have fun together, cry together, win together and fail together.
What do we need from you?
“Just” use VISPA in your daily work. For virtual brainstorming, ideation and creative work in 3d spaces.
VISPA - Bring it to the space!


per user, one time only
Perfect for new users
Limited 2-month trial version
Available for single users
Spaces deleted after trial
Boards deleted after trial
Full features during trial
Neutral space design
Cloud hosting only
per user, per month
Perfect for small teams
Monthly subscription
Available for single users & small teams
Unlimited spaces
Unlimited boards
Webnotes feature (mobile)
Moderator features
Customized avatars
VR/Win/Mac ready
Neutral space design
Cloud hosting only
on request
per user, per month
Perfect for large corporations
Yearly subscription
Available for packages > 100 users
Unlimited spaces & company spaces
Unlimited boards
Webnotes feature (mobile)
Moderator features
Customized avatars
VR/Win/Mac ready
Option: Spaces in own individual brand design (one-time integration fee)
Option: Hosting on premise possible (one-time integration fee)

The VISPA creators

VISPA benefits from altogether more than 50 years experience
with development of interactive 3d environments,
innovation, ideation and business development.

Team - Simon

Simon Walk


Team - Chris

Christian von Bock


Team - Patrick

Patrick Müller


Team - Sebastian

Sebastian Göbel


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VISPA — The future of remote meetings. Immersive, sustainable & efficient.
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