“Virtual but Natural”

Our motto “virtual but natural” guides us along our journey and is one of the main reasons why VISPA is 3-dimensional. Because we all live in a 3-dimensional world.

We utilize state-of-the-art 3d virtual technologies but want to keep the experience very natural and close to what our users know from the real world.
VISPA Collaboration is key

Great ideas and innovations are never achieved by one single person. It always takes a group of people to create something beautiful. This is why we want VISPA to be a real collaboration platform where ideas can be created, evolved and developed to be something more.

We live this belief ourselves. When it comes to new concepts, features and use cases of VISPA we don’t just let the developers or designers decide. We work as a team and include every single source of wisdom. Our secret source of wisdom: user feedback!

We are passionate gamers and have known virtual collaboration from global multiplayer games long before companies have discovered the need to “meet and collaborate” online.

Online games are the best example for individuals perfectly working together and collaborating as a team towards a common goal. We believe that there is no reason, why the same logic shouldn’t apply to teams in companies. Achieving the same degree of collaboration and immersion in VISPA is our aspiration.
We should work the way we play
VISPA All you need is FUN

When it comes to successful group projects & collaborations the crucial recipe for success is „FUN“. We need to have fun collaborating because only then, everyone is willing to share ideas, knowledge and provide high quality feedback.

This is why great workshop facilitators are not only „method experts“ but also know how to create positive energy. VISPA is built to be fun, to create immersion and engaging virtual collaboration!

the founders of vispa

VISPA christian
Vision Keeper + CEO
VISPA sebastian
Problem Solver + CBDO
VISPA simon
Legal & Tech Wizard + CTO
VISPA patrick
Creative Genius + CCO
VISPA kornelius
User Advocate + TTM
We are passionate about virtual collaboration & want to build something users love. If you love VISPA, have additional ideas or any questions at all, just contact us.
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